A selection of random pictures:
  ship wreck - Frazer island, Australia  Cradle Mountain, Tasmania  Light house Stora Karlsö  ringtailed mongoose, Ankarana, Madgascar  Market in Bhopal. Very colorful stuff  fly on bird  old tools in Gotland  Larch cone  nice shirt   the Blue mountains, Australia  Dye, colored powder for sale. Bright orange and reds   bettina in an old house in Gotland  Greek donkey at Molivos  Baobab , north madagascar  snake on the road to indri park, Madagascar (there are no very poisonous snakes in Madagascar)  People playing in vienna (wien) , Rennweg  rock (sand stone), Sydney  Trilobite beatle (Mount Kinabalu Borneo)  Tree frog on a lens  Surgery: Checking the sedation