A selection of random pictures:
  desert Eastern Namibia  Furrillen, Gotland   the Blue mountains, Australia  hungry lion  orang=man utan=forest  kangaroo, currawong and a Swede -Cradle mountain, Tasmania  strange mirror  Brush turkey, Lamington rain forest , Australia  Erik 4 months old  walking in the forest in Fogdö  Kinanbatangan river (Borneo)  Spices in Antibes, France  Sillgrisslor Stora karlsö  Sidensvans  Greek vegetation -spikes  Riding the motorbike on the highway in India. Better not close the eyes for too long.  large green gecko, mafagascar  Svartklubben, Singö, Sweden  fish disco  Truck crahed and burns. Happens all the time on indian roads