A selection of random pictures:
  Midsummer night at Krems in Austria  Erik eats in Fogdö  Trees in winter  Singö  indri, the largest lemur - looks lika teddy bear and sounds like a police car  snake on the road to indri park, Madagascar (there are no very poisonous snakes in Madagascar)  Sulfur crested cockatoos, Tasmania  Silvia and Philip  Breakfast at the village on Nosy Iranja,North Madagascar  Old traditional wood figures at Ile de Pin, New Caledonia  SSI inspection of the Oskarshamn nuclear powerplant  Sisel by the road, Neusiedlersee, Asutria  baby view  Japanese in the forest  Christmas celebration at Manly beach, Sydney, Australia  zebras  tourist and native of Gibraltar  artificial babies  hotel in Kenya  pappersseglare (Danum Borneo)