A selection of random pictures:
  Erik 11 months old  Kingfisher (eisvogel), Laxenburg park, Austria  Fishing on the beachin Nice, France  formerly a nice hotel built by the french in Diego Suarez  old tools in Gotland  Erik in Fogdö  Breakfast at the village on Nosy Iranja,North Madagascar  At the beach, Ile de pins, New Caledonia  An hermite crab, New Caledonia  UFO take off, Fogdö  Baobab , north madagascar  Spider and professor near Sydney  Silvia  Ice crystals on a fence in Sweden in the winter  butterfly in Danum Valley (Borneo)  Hanggliders, Hohe wand, Austria  Erik has got his candy (godis) in visby, gotland  Beech forest canopy in spring  outdoor ecology class  Canopy walkway in south victoria, Australia