A selection of random pictures:
  shopping at the market, Antananarivo, Madagascar  Clearly a frenchman... talking to the locals at Ile de Pin, New Caledonia  butterfly (Borneo)  Gemse (mountain goats) at Schneeberg, Austria  rhinocerous hornbill (Danum Borneo)  pink flowering trees   Landing on the beach at Ile de Pins, New Caledonia   stora karlsö, gotland  Hangglider, Hohe wand, Austria  tiger leach (Danum Borneo)  a scorpion is upset at Ankarana, Madgascar  By lake stclair, Tasmania  midsommar  Getting water in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar  mushroom (eldsopp?)  strawberry  flamingos  Erik has got his candy (godis) in visby, gotland  Picking blueberries in Fogdö  Land that has been flooded. The plants do not grow back fast because of the high iron level in the soil in New Caledonia