A selection of random pictures:
  the lodge at the indri park , Madgascar  Tranor (cranes)  chameleon moving slowly at dusk, Ankarana, Madagascar  view from the air, northern Madagascar  Small toad and biologist  Schonbrunn, Austria  very small frog that only live on particular palm leaves  Erik   Gemse (mountain goats) at Schneeberg, Austria  market , Antananarivo, Madagascar  Great ocean road -South coast Australia  Sleeping ant-eater, schonbrunn zoo, Austria  Blåsippor  People playing in vienna (wien) , Rennweg  cars for the french and cars of the locals, Antananarivo, Madagascar  Bird in Ankarana , Madagascar  Flakaliden research facility  the opera in Wien , Austria  rice fields, Madagascar  One of the last rollers in Austria (blåkråka, blauracke)