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  Big frog caught in a pond, in Straden, Austria  Echidna near Mount Field, Tasmania  rain forest, Tasmania  Basset dog  a swede in the nature  Hawkesbury forest research station, elevated CO2 experiments with Eucalypt trees  Platypus in Tasmania  Valle is grumpy  redwood trees, Sequoia national park California  Dye, colored powder for sale. Bright orange and reds   Sigri Lesbos Greece  Guckusko (orchids)  mushrooms, Danum valley ,Borneo  Trilobite beatle (Mount Kinabalu Borneo)  orangutan kid (Borneo)  dragonfly  outdoor ecology class  slšnda (Borneo)  Hermit crab , Nosy Iranja , Madagascar  A small horse is prepared for surgery