A selection of random pictures:
  Kingfisher  in Bhopal national park  An orchid, New Caledonia  fishmarket in Sandakan (Borneo)  Sångsvanar  Krönikespelen at the Uppsala Cathedral  thorn spider, Madagascar  fish dissections -outdoor ecology class  Horse riding in the snow fall  shrike (törnskata)  Erik in France  the lodge at the indri park , Madgascar  Opera House Sydney, seen from the water  red leaf monkey (Danum Borneo)  Only two guys and some firewood on a motorbike in Bhopal  oskar, weingarten  fishmarket in Sandakan (Borneo)  Indigenous people in Gotland  friendly lemurs (crowned lemur) in Ankarana, Madagascar  Sulfur crested cockatoos, Blue Mountains, Australia  ecology course