A selection of random pictures:
  cheetah  Dry land in victoria, Australia  zebras in Etosha, Namibia  blåklockor  View from the highest point at Ile de Pin, New Caledonia. The typical tall thin Pine trees stick up from the other vegetation  rhinocerous hornbill (Danum Borneo)  Oskar woth orange sunglasses  People playing in vienna (wien) , Rennweg  Cave in Ankarana, Madagascar  Mum and baby in Lordi park on the indian national day. 24 degrees is cold in  India  Liana flower, indri park, Madagascar  Furrillen, Gotland  Greek goat  strange mirror  Silvia by Great Ocean Road, Australia  at the Kinanbatangan river(Borneo)  Sossusvlei desert, Namibia  Muuu!  aspens and pines  Sisel by the road, Neusiedlersee, Asutria